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To make fitness more honest and easier to access. We want to fill our community with chest up, shoulders back, capable, confident, humans of all ages. We want to normalize the elderly working out with the young. We want the ego silenced in places driven by health and fitness activity.


From free park workouts for friends, to an abandoned condo gym, to a dusty warehouse with no tenants for 10 years, to one of the most historical and trusted CrossFit gyms in existence; Training Ground has lived through many phases, always striving to better itself like its members. With a culture and spirit built on authentic members Ron and Jasmine’s (founders) enthusiasm for building community, something magnetic was created. Training Ground grew from that rich soil into the incredibly diverse, open, loving, inclusive, and ass-kicking community that it is today. Everything has changed, yet nothing has changed.


We start with compassion. Everybody has journey that only they can understand. We aren’t here to cast judgement; we’re here to help.

Every member deserves to have THEIR journey considered.

We are not for elite. We are not for beginners. We are not for weight loss clients. We are not for seniors. We are not for teenagers.

We are committed to making sure ALL of these groups feel welcome and, hopefully, know that we thought about them specifically.

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