Getting Started

We’re THE Beginner Friendly Gym!

Go direct to class OR book a Start Right Session

Our Process

Book a Start Right Session with us and let us make it the best experience possible, with a money back guarantee if we fall short of expectations. 

We provide a guaranteed fully scalable experience in your first group class; no matter what the workout is, what the exercises are, you receive a recommendation based on YOUR level.

Step 1: Book a Start Right Session!

Book your FIRST session with any our fully certified coaches. We will do our best to suit your schedule.

Step 2: Show Up 15 Minutes Early

We get you setup with our proprietary gym software, then your first session starts:

  • learn how we coach
  • our culture
  • how to scale movements safely
  • what to expect in group classes
  • .. and get a great workout!
Step 3: Your Choice

Go Direct-to-Class, or, book another follow up Start Right session.

We guide you through the decision making process, helping you to understand what Class Ready means. YOU make the decision if you are ready for group class.

What’s Class Ready?

  • It’s not about having experience!
  • It’s being coachable, and understanding principles of scaling
  • If you’re willing to be guided and value quality coaching methods, than YOU are class ready!

Service Pricing

  • Start Right ฿2,000

    Free t-shirt on your 1st session!

  • Classic Onboarding (5-6 sessions) ฿10,800 max

    4 sessions up front: 7200

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